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Make Up Policy

     There will be 1 make up lesson per 5 lessons. No make up lesson for a

scheduled one-time lesson. If I need to cancel, the lesson will be made up to

the student free of charge. If I miss a lesson without notification, the student

will be rewarded a free lesson of equal time. A student missing a lesson

without notification will result in loss of that lesson and the fee for that


Cancellation and Refund Policy

     There will be no cancellations allowed of a scheduled one-time lesson.

Cancellations will only apply to one of the multiple lesson packages. In the

event that the student wants to cancel their lessons or their remaining

lessons, there will be a 25% cancellation fee on the balance of the remaining

lessons. For example, if a student purchases 5 one half-hour lessons @ $20

per lesson, takes 2 lessons, leaving 3 lessons unused for a balance of $60 (3

x $20). The cancellation fee would be 25% of 60 (the balance) or $15. If the

student purchases a package, then decides against taking the lessons, the

student then pays 20% of the balance as a cancellation fee.

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