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Using The System Of Guitar to play thru Giant Steps

Something That Will Benefit Guitarists Of All Levels And Styles:

Beginners: this understanding with the foundation of the guitar fretboard is essential (early or late) to having a

clear comprehensive understanding of how to tie together all that is learned, as well as to see how it all fits into the simple but entire scheme of the guitar fretboard. When the "light comes on", most of my intermediate/advanced students smile in amazement as they ask me "Why didn't anybody teach this to me in the beginning?" It was with them as it is with most.....lack in the understanding of how the fretboard works.​


Intermediate/Advanced Players: the simple system of the fretboard, criminally unknown by the overwhelming majority of guitarists in the world, is the most simple way to deal with any song or seemingly difficult situation in a song as you will see in my  FREE Giant Steps Guitar Study Videos below.

The System Of Guitar

Learn The System Of Guitar basics and how to use them in two FREE playlists below. Click either or both titles to see the FREE videos:

1. The System Of Guitar - 6 FREE videos teaching the basics of the system

2. Giant Steps Guitar Study - 10 FREE videos using the guitar's own simple system to play simply thru one of history's most notoriously difficult songs to improvise through...includes the video at the top left, of The System in use to simply solo thru Giant Steps using single notes and 6th intervals right over top of The System


- To learn The System Of Guitar WITH ME (one on one online) and how to use the most simple way to play guitar and understand whatever you play


- To shed on songs and/or to work out simple guitar solutions to rough area's in a song or what have you:


Sign up for my Skype Guitar Lessons, or go to my Contact Page


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