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Shapes And Sounds

Guitar Road Map

Learn the simple but tremendously powerful system of notes and keys on the fretboard for any guitar in standard tuning: E A D G B E.  This system is not only crucial for navigation on the fretboard, but is the essential roadmap needed for understanding how to tie all past, present and future learning together on the fretboard.   The workbook in the rear, applies the simple system to all keys.

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The following 3 books will provide you with a comprehensive yet simple and clear basic foundation to build on..And at a mere price of just $14.99 each,
ALL 3 for $27.99, you don't have to wait!...YOU CAN HAVE THEM NOW!!

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Major Freedom

​Improvisation Simplified

Just as do, re, mi, or C,D,E....are both part of a Major Scale, all chords, Major, Minor, Dominant 7th and Minor 7b5 are part of a Major Chord Scale. A Major Chord Scale is made up of 7 chords that share the same Key, their “Home Key”. When groups of chords in a piece are part of the same Key, you can play-on ANYTHING IN THAT KEY over those chords.....any note, any combination of notes, arpeggios, or chords in the Key that those chords belong to (their “Home Key”) until the Key changes. A Key Change occurs when a chord (or a group of chords) changes from one Major Key to another Major Key. Major Freedom teaches how to determine the key of each chord in any song of your choice.

Where Chords Come From

Hamonic and Melodic Minor Chords Included

The purpose of this book is to teach in a simple way, basic chord construction and harmony within each of the 3 Main Scales used in American music: The Major Scale and its Relative Minor (included in the Major Scale), the Melodic Minor and the Harmonic Minor. All three Scales each contain 7 Chords that are derived from the Scales themselves. Therefore, each Scale can be played over all of it’s own 7 Chords. This book will show how and where each chord fits into each of the scales, as well as tie all of the basic harmony of a key together for you.


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