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     Some comments from a few YouTube Friends from all over the world who have used "The (beginner friendly) System of Guitar" to play simply through one of music history's most notoriously difficult songs to play thru,  "Giant Steps"


Study 1


Best jazz lesson video i have ever watched.



That's great man. Tell me are the guy on the video?

To me you are a great musician, you are smart and you got that thing.

Are you a sign artist or something?



Nice lesson!



I agree. because to get into jazz and improvisation, you have to get a clear aproach of what is all about, just that simple.

-donna lee parker


agreed, i like your teaching concept very simple and straight forward!



Wicked Eric!



You are to Cool! "No joke".

Well Done!.



Study 2


nice lesson.



Man thank you very much! You are a really great teacher. Because of the way you lay things out you make it easy to understand.Again thanks.



Nice exposition.  Thanks so much! Best wishes, Dave (Small Days)



Study 3


Just bought all 3 of your books, fantastic!! I disagree with guitarman801 eric is mainly explaining that all you need to play over giant steps is the knowledge of your major scales and once you understand that concept any tune you approach later will be considerably less difficult.



Thank you so much, this is fantastic, I've been looking for something this comprehensive for a long time, I've been compiling theory from videos and other sources, and this lesson really solidified something for me that felt like I only vaguely and abstractly understood. I could have played this song before this video with some practice for sure, but not really appreciate it's structure and composition, and not really take a whole lot of value from it. In a word, epiphanic. Thank you.



great lesson!! I was actually aiming at becoming a shredder like steve vai or joe satriani, but i've been diggin a lot on jazz. any advice for a "begginer" on guitar jazz?



When you said "Giant Steps is an advanced tune that I tried to make as simple as possible using the System of Guitar for those who are struggling with it" I would like to tell you that you succeeded very well in your attempt, at least in my case and I want to thank you very much!!



My brains on fire, but so far I get it.


The System Of Guitar
The System Of Guitar



Study 4


So far, so good. Thanks for this great info!



Hey, I'm gonna let my subscribers know about this vid. I've done a lesson on Giant Steps and a few vids of myself playing the changes. Thanks for posting.



Study 5 


Ok, I'm ready for part 6,.....



Study 6


I wish there was a way to contact you personally for private lessons. I can not read music, so your system works for me. May God ricly bless you. Please e-mail me at ( ). Thx.



Channel Comments


The System has clarified for me always what I suspected. But, was never explained so Clear and Concise as your approach. Minus all the Jargon. Very simplified. I rank his teachings as one of the Best ever around. In all of my yrs playing.



The best ever explanation and system for guitar learning... The way you simplified one of the all time difficult jazz standards like "Giant Steps".... Simply Amazing!!!  Thank you for subscribing. I am very honoured to this deed mate. I must tell you that, you have one of the best channels on Youtube.... And I consider you as guru of knowledge... Peace, joy, happiness and success through music. GB! -mikegodinho


Thanks for the invite!! I subbed' ya' as soon as I got here!! Intense lessons man, I think you gonna' help get out of my slump. LOL THX!



You are a great teacher Eric, there is a wealth of knowledge here and your explanations solve many problems!



Thanks so much for you kind comment on our music. I have just watched all of your 'Giant Steps' vids again. That's a great service for guitarists you have provided. Many Thanks.  Best wishes,

-Dave SmallDays1



​  The 5 guitar fretboard situations to the right have simplified the instrument for my YouTube Friends above, as well as many others. You can see me in action with these situations as I play thru Giant Steps here. These situations are thoroughly discussed in the book that The System Of Guitar is based on Shapes and Sounds here
  Not only can difficult songs be made simple 
for you to play and understand on a guitar, but all songs are simple or simpler when you know and understand The System Of Guitar
which you can easily learn.  When you are ready for a complete and comprehensive understanding of the freboard, check out the Skype Guitar Lessons




The System Of Guitar
The System Of Guitar
The System Of Guitar
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